Fundraising and Charity

Helping Our Community one clean car at a time

Wash City Car Wash is proud to help local charities & organizations achieve their local fundraising objectives. Our process is simple, effective, and impactful!

Our program is ideal for a variety of organizations including schools, athletic teams, and churches. We look forward to teaming up and helping you reach your goals!

  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Athletic Teams
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Religious Groups

Request more information by filling out our Fundraising & Charity Request Form.

Benefits of Our Charity Program


Raise Money Quickly & Easily.


Offer a Quality Product from a Reputable Local Business.


Sell a Service Everybody Loves.


Support a Local Business while Developing your Organization.


Fundraiser tickets are sold in books of 10.


Sell to Parents & Supporters of your organization.


Wash Tickets can be Redeemed at any of Our Locations.

Fundraising & Charity Request Form

Wash City Fundraiser Process

  • Fill out the contact form to inquire about Fundraising solutions. 
  • Your group will purchase car wash tickets ($20 value) for $5 each.
  • The organization sells car wash tickets to parents and supporters of your organization. 
  • Fundraiser tickets are sold in books of 10.
  • Wash tickets can be redeemed on-site at any time using the wash code.

Let's Get You Started